Image of the MBE-I Deposition system

This combination MBE-Sputter system was my primary deposition system during graduate school. Its deposition capabilities include sputter deposition for Nb and Ta, and Knudsen cell evaporation for Si, Ge, Al. The substrate can be heated up to 1100 C with an e-beam heater, and surface treatments include in-situ ion mill and ECR plasma sources. Analytical capabilities are an in-situ RHEED, and residual gas analyser. The cryo-pumped system has a base pressure near 10-10 Torr, and uses a turbo-pumped load-lock and an ion pump on the differentially-pumped sample manipulator stage. For my research I used this system to perform careful interface studies by fabricating multi-layer structures under ultra-high vacuum, and using an in-situ ion mill for surface cleaning.