Hi, I’m Cameron Kopas, an experimental physicist and recent PhD graduate from Arizona State University where I studied novel dielectrics, defects, and two-level-system losses in microwave resonators and superconducting circuits for quantum computing. When I’m not in a basement lab, or talking about other peoples’ science on my podcast, you’ll find me doing exploration, mapping, and conservation projects in caves, on long-distance bicycle or backpacking trips, fermenting whatever I can get my hands on, and looking for new films and bands to see. My adventure partner and fiancé is Sasha Poujlivaia, a computer programmer with little public web presence.

This site has a combination of my academic and public work, you can find:

  • A partial CV (please e-mail me for a full up-to-date version)
  • A list of available Publications
    • If you don’t have access to any of the papers, get in touch and I can send them to you
  • Laboratory Resources, including instrument interface programs, tutorial videos, and instrument procedures
  • A Portfolio of lab instruments and systems that I have managed.

If you would like to contact me before I set up a contact page, send an email to [first name].[last initial] at gmail, or contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or ResearchGate.